Board of Trustees

Meet the champions of Rocky Mountain Rep.

2016 Board of Trustees. Not pictured: Claudia Diamond, Claude Diamond, Bill Herbert, and Gini Kinder


Possessing a diversity of life experiences and a passion for theatre, our Board of Trustees works tirelessly to enhance and improve RMRT with their limitless contribution of time and skill. We are built upon the incredible spirit of this dedicated ensemble who work backstage to bring the magic centerstage.


Barbara Meyer

Vice President

Karen Fry-Weisbrich


Coleen Ockers


Lucy Mueller


Bob Balink

Marilyn Binkley

Nancy Chaffin

Beth Chambers

Claudia Diamond

Carla Donelson

Jeff Eldridge

John Ernst

Carl Hanson

Bill Herbert

Gini Kinder

Suzi Maki

Patrick Randall

Robert Scott

Bob Wiebe

Trustee Emeritus

Betty Harmon Dick

Advisory Trustees

Janie Brownlee

Claude Diamond

Dave Freeman

Ken Jensen

Michael Long

Andrea Rice

Mark Zaitz