Angel List


There are many opportunities to support the RMRT Theatre at many levels.  Feel free to go thru this ever changing list of items which can be underwritten.  The items can be totally or partially funded.  Please let Jennifer Mace know if there is an item you would like to Fund.

              Bathroom Tissue                                             $   90.00 a month

              Theatre Electric Bill                                        $  725.00 a month

              Copier Rental                                                  $  102.00 a month

              Ticket Stock                                                     $  109.00 a month

              Little Mermaid Costumes                            $6,600.00 the season

               Rock of Ages Costumes                               $5,755.00 the season

              Titanic Costumes                                           $4,328.00 the season

              Million Dollar Quartet                                  $1,392.00 the season

              Lift Repair                                                       $1,000.00

              Little Mermaid Extra Staging                      $1,500.00

              Underwrite a Company Member              $5,000.00