*Youth Theatre, Summer 2021*


Rocky Mountain Repertory 

Youth Theatre Revival

Summer 2021

Students will develop skills & expand imagination inside small ensembles that will work together toward the presentation of a cabaret-style, one-act musical theatre performance.  The Rep’s Youth Theatre Revival is designed to bring back the collaborative spirit of our program within COVID-19 safety guidelines.

What: Two Youth Theatre Revival two-week programs will serve a total of 80 students.  Students will sign up for a three hour morning or afternoon session that will last for two weeks, culminating in a final performance.  Morning sessions will be offered to students age 7-12.  Afternoon sessions will be available to students age 13-18. (Exceptions can be made to move students up or down a level as needed.)  There will be two ensembles of ten students each in the morning and afternoon, for a total of 40 students per 2-week session.

When:  Session One: July 5 – 17, 2021

Session 1-A:  Ages 7-12 (kids), from 9:00am to noon, at RMRT

Session 1-B:  Ages 13-18 (teens), from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, at RMRT

Performances Saturday, July 17th, 12:00pm(session 1-A, kids) & 4:00pm(session 1-B, teens)

2 final performances (Both kid ensembles perform together & both teen ensembles perform together)

Session Two: July 19 – 31, 2021*

Session 2-A:  Ages 7-12 (kids), from 9:00am to noon, at RMRT

Session 2-B:  Ages 13-18 (teens), from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, at RMRT

Performances Saturday, July 31st, 12:00pm(session 2-A, kids) & 4:00pm(session 2-B, teens)

*No camp July 23rd

2 final performances (morning ensembles perform together & afternoon ensembles perform together)

Who: Open to students ages 7-18.

Directors: Will Kiley (Education Director) & a new staff member

Music Directors: Steve Russell & Christopher Lengerich

Resident Playwright: Samantha Beach Kiley (Education Director)

2-4 RMRT Summer Company Members (Limited engagement)

Cost: $300


Our cabaret-style performances will address themes relevant to the last 18 months.  Musical numbers will be rehearsed in 10-person small ensembles that will combine into 20-person numbers during dress rehearsal as to create a sense of age-group cohesion.  RMRT performers will perform alongside campers in a few select numbers.  The kids’ performance will include a short story adapted for RMRT students by resident playwright & Education Director, Samantha Beach Kiley.  The teens’ performance will include an original short play also created by Samantha.

Safety precautions

By working primarily in small ensembles of 10 students, we will promote social distancing in most of our exercises. Masking requirements will follow County and State guidelines and rules established by instructors when sessions begin.  Our safety protocols include keeping the two morning and afternoon ensembles separate until the last two days of the program, when the groups will come together to rehearse the show.

The Youth Theatre Revival Kids program will:

  • -Promote teamwork & collaboration
  • -Exercise the imagination
  • -Help students expand & harness physical expression
  • -Build coordination through dance
  • -Introduce music fundamentals
  • -Include group musical numbers with singing & dancing

The Youth Theatre Revival Teens program will:

  • -Build ensemble through trust 
  • -Include opportunities to shape the final performance through self-expression & writing exercises
  • -Develop strength, balance & physical confidence. Free the body to recognize & act on impulses
  • -Expand vocal possibilities & refine music technique
  • -Include group musical numbers with opportunities for solos

Registration Date is April 22nd beginning at 9:00am!

We will NOT process registrations received prior to April 22nd, at 9:00am.  We want to be as fair as possible to all of our youth theatre families.  Thank you!

To Register – please choose one of these four options:

-Email your registration and emergency forms to YouthTheatre@rockymountainrep.com.

-Call the Rocky Mountain Rep administration office (970) 627-5087.

-Stop by the Rocky Mountain Rep administration office at 801 Grand Avenue, in Grand Lake (across the street from the theatre).

-Mail in your registration and emergency form: RMRT, P.O. Box 1682, Grand Lake, CO  80447.

Youth Theatre Revival Registration Form

Youth Theatre Emergency Form

Youth Theatre Revival Information Form

For questions or more information about youth theatre you may call the administrative office (970) 627-5087 or please contact: