Come play with us! There are always opportunities to join the RMRT family – every season, all summer long. What Would You Like To Do To Help? 

Please call the administrative office for more information about volunteer opportunities, (970) 627-5087.  We will have more events and opportunities listed here as things come up, please check back!

Gardens & Grounds: Off Broadway

It’s time to plan the day to clean up, spruce up, and brighten up the grounds surrounding our properties.  Our workday is scheduled for Saturday, June 27th at 9:00am.  Please bring your usual Colorado stuff: hat, gloves, sunscreen.  Please have a facial covering available just in case you need to work with someone closer that the 6 feet apart.  Dick Sisung has volunteered to lead the group at the clean-up — please look for him at the Off Broadway grounds.

Volunteer Opportunities


Call (970) 627-5087 for more information, or contact us via email.